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Lime Juice

Inspired by Award Winning Mixologist, Luke Andrews

Lime Juice

Inspired by Award Winning Mixologist, Luke Andrews

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Meet Luke

Naturally clear with no artificial colors or flavors ever added, Cocktail Artist® Premium Lime Juice is made with unfiltered lime juice with the perfect touch of pure cane sugar to be the new “must have” ingredient for many classic cocktails.

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mixologist spotlight

Luke Andrews

August 12

Chicago, IL

Martinis, my wife, baseball, playing racquetball, and listening to early jazz piano (in no particular order)

Meet Luke


I started out pouring wine in Lubbock, TX. I got restless, so I moved to the Midwest where I started bar backing and learning from some of the best bartenders in town. It wasn’t long before I was behind the bar applying what I learned. Today, I am honored to be one of the best bartenders in Chicago running my own cocktail program.


The ingredient I chose to help make is lime juice because it’s the cornerstone of a great sour cocktail. It has a lot of depth and is extremely versatile.


Time Out Chicago 2016 “Bar of the Year” – The Whistler (Beverage Director & Bartender)